Of CertiFicate, CerFiticate & Satifikate

I am embarking on a project from today to search for and save under lock and key, preferably in a bank vault, all the certificates I have acquired all my life from primary (we didn’t have nursery school in my time – infants or toddlers went to garri school), secondary, tertiary, post tertiary (if there’s anything like that) and those courses with any kind of certificate or document on attendance or participation.

Whether one or two-day seminars, workshops, two weeks or months of anything, I will bring them out, scan them, microfilm them, laminate them and keep them under lock and key.

This rash of certificate possession or non possession and the stress the victims must be going through must be avoided at all cost. I have been kidding myself these few years that since I’m too old to be employed, I don’t need to keep my certificates or cvs.

But who knows, vacancy in ministry of finance or any other may come up and helter skelter will begin. I don’t even know where most of them are right now. So time to start searching.

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  1. Absolutely my brother, look for all your certificates and keep them in a vault . You never can tell when you will need them. Imagine Brett Kavanaugh, he went to the extent of keeping calenders of his daily routine since high school to date! I mean who does that! My brother we have no excuse , safe keeping of important documents is a task that must be done!

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