It is sad to see the manipulations, tears and blood as our political parties choose their governorship candidates for next February’s elections.

In any activity or human endeavour, you expect to see the good, the bad and the ugly. But there’s hardly been any good in any of these primaries. Instead, it’s been extreme godfatherism and extreme fanaticism by those who support the godfathers and rich candidates who have thrown caution to the wind.

In many cases, thuggery is the order it the day.

Scary, isn’t it? And these are just party primaries for members of same parties who should ordinarily be like brothers and sisters who should be strategizing on how to defeat the opposing parties in the main elections.

The outcomes of the primaries are even less certain. Hardly can anyone tell you who won in the primaries because fake results are the order of the day. In the end, we hear even on network tv that two primaries had taken place and produced two winners for the same party. As we write, most of the major parties had factional elections and factional winners in many of the states. A party that has planned an election suddenly changes the venue so that only a preferred candidate and his supporters can get to know where to go!

A huge disappointment in all this is that those considered as elders of the parties are in the midst of these unwholesomeness.

Who will advise these politicians? Who will offer them the wisdom to know how to do things so that we don’t end up with little ‘wars’ all over the place?

Above all, who will teach them the ‘Politics Without Bitterness’ as propounded by late Waziri Ibrahim?


  1. Good people should come out and participate in the electoral process. Criticism doesn’t go far. Active participation to change things is key.

  2. On Atiku as presidential candidate of the PDP. I would say, curruption has finally entered the ring! Curruption wants to dare Nigerians. If it wins, Nigeria and Nigerians are doomed for ever. If it loses, it will be the end of him in the annals of our history and the solidification of good governance. Nigeria can not afford to go back to the malady of the past and allow a government that ruined our lives for 16 years to come back to power. We must do everything in our power to prevent this. Atiku and his gang will only come back to return all the ill gotten assets sized from hi gang and take us back to the Era of settlement which the ‘ Maradona’ entrenched in our polity and which PDP represents. Show me your friends, and I will tell wtat type of person you are. Look at Atiku’s Supporters….. Saraki, Babangida. Nigerians, shine your eyes.

    1. Either way, it’s a bad situation. Like the typical “between the devil and the deep blue sea”. What use is fighting corruption (albeit selectively) while watching whole communities being slaughtered? (Femi Adedina said instead of being killed, we should give up our lands; talk about absolute stu*****y)

      How many people were prosecuted and convicted in the corruption war? Why plea bargain with those who looted our common wealth?

      Why is our foreign debt going up?
      Why is our foreign reserve going down?
      Why are we all afraid to ask these questions?
      Why can’t someone criticise the government in power without being labelled “supporter of corruption”?

      It’s not yet uhuru.

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