Friends and family of retired Defence Spokesman Frederick Bini Chijuka and his wife of 50 years Jossy, joined them in thanksgiving at midday Mass today at St. Agnes Catholic Church Maryland, Lagos.
The couple said they just wanted to mark 9th November 2018 quietly for now; that is, until their family members return home for the big ‘do’ later.
50 years in marriage is not a joke. It is doubly wonderful to hear of such a milestone being celebrated by a military man who has spent most of his life in the trenches, so to speak, of the Nigerian Army system which takes you from one location to another without bothering about the harm such relocations would do to your family life.
Brigadier-General Chijuka was made Director, Army Public Relations in 1987 and was upgraded to become the first Director, Defence Information and promoted to 1-Star General status in 1992, holding the Defence Information position till 1996. During this time, Fred Chijuka, as he is fondly called by friends served two former military leaders – Generals Ibrahim Babangida and late Sani Abacha.
He practiced Public Relations in the tough military days but kept his head to retire honourably. Those who took over from him, like Brigadier-General Godwin Ugbo will testify that today’s military and police public relations people have a lot to learn from the way Big Fred held the PR fort in Army and Defence HQ those days.
A Knight of St. John International of the Catholic Church, General Chijuka and wife Jossy have devoted themselves in the service of God and mankind through their involvement in various religious and charitable causes, especially in their parish, St. Agnes Maryland.
He was also at a time the Chairman of the Nigerian Shooting Federation; and a sharp shooter he truly is too, to many of us his professional PR colleagues.
As a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, he is well regarded by colleagues and others who know him as a true elder of the profession. wishes Brigadier-General Frederick Bini and Mrs. Jossy Chijuka a happy Golden Jubilee wedding anniversary and wish them more healthy and fulfilling years together.

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