The birth of a child is an occasion that brings joy to the parents, family, friends and well-wishers of the parents. And so it is too, with the birth of a new magazine.

In August 2020, Rebirth Magazine was born, as an online resource to inspire readers to embrace purpose through their natural abilities, skills, interest and the value they offer.

According to the Publisher, Esohe ‘Kienmo Eboigbe, Rebirth aims to explore and appreciate those who have found their way out of a start and stop cycle and to encourage those who may think it impossible to try something else.

The first edition provides direction that is meant to encourage you to think – thinking for yourself and not according to someone else’s evaluation or expectation. Think for yourself because everyone else’s ideas are usually general and are most times tilting to their own purpose – you need to find your own purpose.


The Publisher, Esohe ‘Kienmo Eboigbe explains:

“We are told to choose our friends wisely as bad company can corrupt good intentions. This saying appears direct enough and it is, but recently, I began to see it through the lens of purpose. Every human being has a purpose that his or her life is expected to serve; it really is not chosen by the person but has been wired into his or her very being; therefore we must choose the people we journey with carefully, to fully achieve our life’s purpose. As we journey in life, we will eventually come face to face with whether to pursue the deepest yearnings of our heart or continue on the path that we have already embarked upon, but because we do not choose our purpose and so may not know it, it tries to catch up with us. While some people are usually able to know it from very early on, others are not so fortunate and this usually leads to a seemingly re-occurring problem, or in a much worse scenario, a totally tragic situation that would force one to begin again. It is in such a situation that we would require the right company to serve as motivation, a guide and an accountability partner – it is this knowledge that birthed the Rebirth Magazine which is part of an initiative to kick-start the conversation around helping people start over”.

Rebirth is currently a monthly online magazine and the articles are inspired by stories of some personalities, insight from media materials and from some occurrences in our world today.

As our Publisher says, “The future for the initiative is to see to it that, for as many people who come to the crossroad of what to do next, they can have access to resources to keep their minds inspired enough to cause them to think of how to channel what they have within them and how to put it into use.

Welcome to Rebirth Magazine!

You can subscribe at or click on the REBIRTH MAGAZINE link above and anywhere you see the Rebirth logo on this site.


IMAGE CREDIT: Rebirth Magazine



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