US Presidential Election Debate: Biden v Trump, Round One

Come 2.00a.m. tonight, Nigerian time and US Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden will slug it out with incumbent President Donald Trump of the Republican Party in the first face-off between both candidates before their Tuesday, 3rd November 2020 election.

Many issues are at stake, chiefly the handling of COVID-19 pandemic and tax returns by Donald Trump as well as the fitness of Biden to rule America.


Of course there are concerns regarding the Economy, Unemployment, Health Care and Insurance, Trust and Truthfulness, Relations with NATO and China, Immigration, their running mates, Policing and Racial Tensions.

Who will come out tops? And how much will the debate affect the polls?

Most international TV networks are expected to beam the debate live.

This is just the first of the Presidential Debates. Next is the one and only Vice-Presidential match-up between Republican Mike Pence and Democrats’ Kamala Harris on October 7.

Trump and Biden have two other debates scheduled for 15th and 22nd October.

Round One – ACTION!









IMAGE CREDIT: Daily Express, Sky News,

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