Noah Ibrahim Appointed ECOWAS Youth Ambassador   

The board of West African Youth Council, WAYC, has confirmed the appointment of Mr. Noah Ibrahim of Nigeria as its Youth Ambassador.

The appointment is in recognition of his numerous contributions to the growth and development of the sub-region in particular and the society in general.

Noah Ibrahim is the Chief Executive Officer of Novarick Homes and Properties, a fast-growing real estate development company based in Lagos, Nigeria. His company has been committed to providing affordable and eco-friendly housing for the people, while creating an immersive green environment within the ECOWAS sub-region.

Speaking on his appointment, Mr. Ibrahim said the recognition will encourage him to do more in helping to foster peace, unity, collaboration and developing innovations that will benefit all West African States and the African Continent as a whole.

In the appointment letter, the President of ECOWAS Youth Council, Ambassador Emmanuel William noted that the appointment is not unconnected with Mr. Ibrahim’s antecedents of dedication, hard work and diligence and service to humanity.

He also praised Ibrahim’s work as an advocate and relentless crusader of promoting entrepreneurship for African youths who remain a tremendous resource to the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS.

More than 64% of ECOWAS population is under the age of 24 and the WAYC is positioned to harness the potentials of these youths and mobilize them as an active force to achieve a well-rounded social, cultural and economic integration.

The organization’s main objective is to raise the awareness of young people, create a framework for intercultural dialogue, support the diversity of ideas and work with key inter-governmental institutions like the African Union Commission, United Nations, the Commonwealth and Agence de Francais.

The West African Youth Council with its headquarters in Cape Verde, has made huge gains and achievements by promoting peace, security, justice and development to unite the sub-region. It also provides a free platform for youth participation in politics, socio-economic activities and governance in West Africa.

The aims and objectives of the West Africa Youth Council/Parliament are to:

  1. Raise awareness of young people with regard to West Africa issues, encourage active ECOWAS citizenship and motivate students to get engaged in Africa politics.
  2. Promote international understanding, create a framework for intercultural dialogue and support the diversity of ideas and practices.
  3. Contribute to the development of the own personality of West African youth.
  4. Work hand-in-hand with the ECOWAS Commission and represent African youths at any summit where policies affecting the sub-region is discussed and paramount.
  5. Tackle the plight faced by West-African youths by providing a youth interactive front, and garnering resources for the development of education, students and the youth.

The West African Youth Council was established in 2014 as a youth arm of the ECOWAS Commission to minimize the demanding challenges of youths, in order to enhance efficient service delivery. This is with the sole aim of engaging and promoting regional economic co-operation and integration between the 15 member-countries with different historic trajectories, (colonization, language, and administrative cultures), through the legion of youth hubs activities to the posterity of the sustainable development process of the West African sub-region.

Due to regional complexities which have impeded the growth of the sub-region, including the lack of space for multi-actor approaches to regional policy formulation and implementation, climate change, terrorism, HIV/AIDS, poverty, lack of access to affordable education, reduction in power supplies to developing countries, and there are also constraints hampering the ability of non-state actors to play a positive role as ‘norm entrepreneurs’ or ‘drivers’ of regional integration agenda.

There are several Youth Ambassadors like Noah Ibrahim who have been recognized by the WAYC and who continue to devote their resources for the development of young people in the ECOWAS sub-region.



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