Rebirth Magazine

My Dearest,

I have come to understand a few things, and I wish to share  them through  this Magazine. The Rebirth Magazine was born out of my personal search to properly apply my skills and natural inclination – as against just taking up positions or being part of certain groups just because it is the generally perceived action to take.

Some of what I have come to understand are;

  1. We often let the things we fear motivate us to take certain decisions, whereas our decisions must be based on how well we would function and what value we bring.
  2. With knowledge of who we truly are comes the peace and confidence to pursue life’s purpose
  3. If purpose or function of a thing or person is not known, abuse is inevitable

I have concluded that with each day comes the opportunity to plan our actions to match the deeper yearnings of our hearts and the earlier we do not compromise on that, the better for us (and our life’s purpose) without hurting another who are very much on their journey of recreating themselves as well.

I have yearned for 3 years to help those who are struggling to motivate themselves each day and publishing a magazine is my chosen medium.  Get a copy here, so we can grow together.



Esohe ‘Kienmo Eboigbe